Tea Bags

Easy to Cleaning System by just Screw Turning

Magnetic Unit Catch the metals at the end of Feeder Plate

Anti-Static System installed in the machine

Edge Trimming Rewinding System Patented

Select Sealing time one or two times for compleate sealing

Sealing By Ultrasonic technology

Available to use Nylon, Bio Degradable & Fiber Filter Mesh

Select one of Load Cell Weighing & Volumetric Filling

Available to make Pyramid & Square Tea Bag


Packaging capacity 30 ~ 50 Tea Bags (four cells)

Packaging method 3 side sealing and cutting by ultrasonic

Bag size Triangular:  50-80mm(each edge)

Rectangular:  50-60(L) x 40-80(W) Machine dimensions 1250Wx650Dx2000H(mm)

Weight 350kg Electracity 1P/220V/2.0kW

Air Consumsion 300lit/min., 5-6kgf/cm2

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